Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

WAO Marine & Drilling Services Limited being an indigenous company with International partnerships and duly registered in Nigeria, we always identify with the local communities in the areas of our operations and poised to promote a good business environment. WAO Marine & Drilling Services Limited is committed to providing high standard services to all its customers. We will take all necessary steps to maintain good relationships with our host communities, making them participate as one of the stakeholders and also partners in progress. Because our operations are not static, WAO Marine & Drilling Services Limited has adopted a flexible approach to community relations. We will strive to provide quality services by developing continuous higher standards and increased training for our staff both  old & new, cadets and all trainees. Committed to provide the safest working environment in Nigeria and the Niger Delta in particular to our customers and workers. To build a reputation as a top services provider in the Marine and Offshore Industry through process and personnel training to meet the services in the Marine and Offshore Industry . To exceed the expectations and ensure we meet the demands of all our customers. All our dedicated staff will be happy to work with us because we are out to make a difference.

VALUES: WAO Marine & Drilling Services Limited is committed to quality services through collective team management efforts of our experienced professionals, reflecting on transparency, accountability, innovation, diversity, honesty and integrity.

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Our Partners

We work hand in hand with our partners and we have mutual agreement to solicit for other client on behalf of them,if you want to contact any of our partners,we will be glad to do that for you