Petroleum Industry in NIGERIA is the largest on the African Continent.As of 2016 – Nigeria petroleum industry contributes about 9% of its economy.Thus the Petroleum sector is important as government revenues and foreign exchange still heavily rely on this sector.Its remains in fact a small part of the country’s overall diversified economy.

Crude Oil Sales /Marketing from the Niger Delta Region comes in two [2] types: Light and Comparatively heavy. The lighter around 36 gravity and the heavier 20 -25 gravity. Both types are Paraffinic and low in Sulfur.

WAO Marine & Drilling Services Limited is positioning herself to be one of the leading suppliers to legitimate companies and individuals., internationally and nationally.

We will also deal and do business with those companies or individuals that will strictly adhere to the NNPC procedures,. We are concern about Clean business ethics while making profits and adding values to the lives of Nigeria workers.

Our company WAO Marine & Drilling SErvices Limited is quality to trade under the auspices of the JOINT VENTURES between foreign  multinationals and the Nigerian Federal government  having obtained the right DPR from NNPC.

We are proud to particiate as one of the Indigeneous Illustrious company with NAPIMS/ NNPC  approval.

We are open to legitimate buyers, we are a growing business, join us and be a partner in progress with us. We are Simply the best……… in this sector.